Welcome to my cooking world!

I’m happy your’re here to experience, learn and share cooking ideas.

I’m Eswari, a homemaker and mother of a cute little monster. I was brought up in Coimbatore City in India. Currently living in the united kingdom with my family.

Though I was a foodie (I would say eating was my First passion:P) from childhood, never dreamed about cooking even once as my mother used to take such good care of me and used to server good appetite food only. After my marriage, I started cooking with innovations rather than regular cooking and they all came out very well most of the time. My husband also loved my cooking and encouraged me. Cooking turned out to be my second passion.

Post-pregnancy, I was attracted to healthy traditional recipes with innovations. To my surprise My family and friends liked them and they were interested in my recipes and motivated me to share as a blog, as it would benefit all the mothers’ out there looking for healthy recipes for their children and family.
I will be sharing healthy and tasty Indian recipes through this page. Please visit my page regularly, try my recipes and comment on your experience and outcome.

Thank you,

Eswari S

Happy Cooking!!